Update: Remembering Ashley Carter

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Police continue to investigate the crash that took the life of Ashley Carter, 29.

She died after crashing her car on 144th and Q on Saturday, September 20th.

Monday, Mariaha Gulp came back to the place of the crash. She tells WOWT 6 News she stopped to help moments after the crash occurred.

Gulp said talking about that day is still hard, "Mainly seeing her, and not knowing her, it felt like I did, I felt like I'd known her for a long time, and I just I had to help, because that is where I come from."

Gulp said she stayed with Ashley, holding her hand, until EMS arrived.

Police still have not released why she crashed.

At Marian High school, Ashley's Alma Mater, friends have started a scholarship fund.

Ashley graduated from Marian in 2003. The soccer field is a place she spent a lot of her time. She played a big role in the long list of state championship years are marked in white on a platform near the field.

"We've had a lot of great players, and she was one of the best ones ever in this state," said former head coach Ed Dudley.

Dudley has seen his fair share of the states' great female soccer players. He has coached most of them.

Ashley he said, "Did not seek the lime light, it found her. Even then she didn't want it."

"Ashley was a great kid, I loved her. She loved Marian, and Marian loved her. She was the best," said Dudley.

Coaching her for four years in high school, then training her throughout college he's knew her for a long time.

"I don't even know what to say," when asked about hearing about her death. The thought breaking down the stern coach, "I can't talk about that. I'm sorry."

He can on the other hand talk about the game, a game Ashley played better than most.

When posed with the question how did she contribute to these state championships on the wall? He said, "A huge factor. Oh she was a scoring machine, playing hard, and being a team player."

As a forward, Ashley helped a very successful team win four state championships in a row.

"She was a very good teammate," said Dudley. "A person I will always remember."

Posted *Sunday, September 21, 2014*

An accident Saturday claimed the life of one of Nebraska's all-time greatest soccer stars. Ashley Carter had gotten engaged just two weeks earlier.

Carter, 29, died of her injuries after crashing into a power pole near 144th & Q.

To most, the name Ashley Carter is known for one thing: soccer.

"For me it was exciting because you have someone in here that is a Division One athlete, somebody that has been a great athlete her whole life," Brent Dierking tells WOWT 6 News.

Ashley worked with him at Kosama. Dierking says she was incredible.

"She always did such a great job, always was in a great mood, was always smiling and was obviously very inspirational to many."

Ashley's smile captured the hearts of everyone she met.

"If she did have a bad day ever, I had never seen it." says Dierking.

"She was always in a great mood, and that always brought everyone around her into a great mood as well."

A Division One athlete, her soccer accolades go on and on. While at Marian High School, she and her team won four state soccer titles. She would then go on to play and start at University of Nebraska - Lincoln as a freshman.

But friends will tell you, an athlete was only a part of who she was.

"She was like the most humble person that I have ever met," says Dierking.

Ashley's family shared their best memories of her with our Erin Murray Sunday. Her fiance of two weeks says she was the love of his life. Her mother and family says Ashley was the best daughter and sister in the world.

"God gained an angel today," says Dierking.

As family and friends mourn her loss, police continue their investigation. Witnesses told officers the driver, heading southbound on 144th Street, was swerving in and out of her lane and bouncing off curbs when she went over the curb and struck the pole just south of Q Street around 6:15 p.m.