Dog Ingests Chicken With Straight Pins Inside

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A picture of nails in cheese cubes has been circulating Facebook for weeks. The lethal food was supposedly given to dogs at parks in Chicago and Massachusetts. Reports say the stories are bogus. One metro family believes this could have been the inspiration and/or explanation for what happened to their dog.

Molly, a 2-year-old toy poodle likes to bark a little when cars or people pass by her back yard fence, but soon after she's over it. "Not having anyone complain about your dog is the thing that strikes me as odd," says Kevin Vanden Hull, one of Molly's owners.

chicken pins

Molly was in the back yard of the Vanden Hull's Papillion home on Thursday when Kevin, stopping by for his lunch break, called her inside. "Saw that she was chewing on something. Didn't really, I mean she's chewed on things in the past in the yard, not a big deal, sticks and stuff, but I told her to stop, she came inside."

Molly wanted out again 10 minutes later, Kevin followed her this time. He found Molly, snacking on a piece of chicken, with straight pins in it. "If she would have ate all of the pieces, she would have had like 12 straight pins in her."

Molly had ingested four into her body. Kevin's mother rushed Molly to the vet where the X-ray showed the pins were still in her stomach and hadn't damaged any organs. "They were just small, small pins, but she's only a five-pound dog and they're like steel, so that's not going to dissolve and they have to come out," said Kevin.

The pins came out and Molly never knew what happened. Her owners would like to know who's responsible for what could have been deadly for this dog. "It just makes everyone sick," said Kevin. "Anyone we tell, it just disgusts them. They don't understand why someone would try this."


The place it happened leaves the family feeling violated even more. "Nobody thinks in your own back yard your dog is going to stumble upon something that you don't know about. Something that someone else put there to try and harm your dog."

The dog had an endoscopy at Harvey Oaks Animal Hospital. The pins were removed without Molly needing surgery. The family says they're lucky to have caught the dog right after ingesting the pins and vets echo that sentiment.

The Vanden Hulls contacted Papillion police. They've been told patrol officers will be on the look out to make sure it doesn't happen again. The family says police don't have any suspects at this time.