Dog Owner Not Guilty of Abuse

A dog owner accused of letting his bulldog suffer before dying has been found not guilty.

Bear’s owner, Arthur Clark, said he first noticed the dog losing weight last September. After taking Bear to the veterinarian several times the dog died in January.

It was later determined that the dog’s collar was inside his stomach. It wasn't picked up by x-rays.

The judge ruled that the owner was not at fault.

Clark said, "I'm just glad it is behind me. I didn't think there was any abuse. I didn't think any of the other witnesses thought there was, it was just kind of a formality. Dr. Finch and everyone is all professional so they just did what they could do. I did what I could do. It's unfortunate it had to come to a criminal case."

Another factor in the not guilty finding was that Clark was not even around when the dog ate the collar and became ill.