Disc Golf, a Family Affair at the SGA

Omaha's Hitchcock Park was the place to be, Sunday, for some fierce competition. That was especially true, since family was involved.

Tim Nispel and Ben Nispel are cousins from Douglas, Kansas, who are both competing in Disc Golf finals at the 2015 State Games of America.

Tim said, "Every throw that he has, I have a little, 'Oh, I hope this is a terrible throw,' but then if he has a bad throw, I want him to do good. I want him to take 2nd place behind me, is basically, how I would want it to happen."

The two will be the first to testify - disc golf, contrary to popular believe, is no "walk in the park."

Tim said, "It's really hot. You've got to have a lot of water. That's for sure."

"It's definitely a mental game. It's keeping your head in check," Ben said.

But the two said they wouldn't trade it for anything.

"It's just fun," Ben said. "It's nice to get outside and get some exercise. It's the competition. It's a blast. It's hard to get away from."

Tim and Ben are both very excited that their beloved sport is finally gaining some exposure - making it's first appearance at the SGA.

Tim said, "That's really awesome that it's starting to become a big sport."

To find out how the Nispel cousins did in the finals, head to: http://www.sga2015.com/