Deadly Shooting Scene Described As Chaotic With Gunfire And Screaming

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The sister and cousin of Latecia Fox said they were at the tragic house party for three minutes when a horrific scene unfolded Saturday.

Flowers said the three went to a concert Friday night and were invited to a house party near 34th and Parker Streets early Saturday morning. When they arrived, Flowers said they noticed they did not know many people there, and decided to leave.

"In that split second just to turn and walk away to leave, gunfire rang out from behind us and we took off running. It just seemed to be gunfire coming from everywhere at that point, it was just so chaotic, people running every which way, screaming," said Flowers.

Flowers said the noise sounded as if a war erupted in the middle of the neighborhood--glass shattered, cars screeched away, and there was endless gunfire.

"It was just so many people that were just trying to run for their life," said Jones.

When the shooting finally ended, Jones said all that could be heard was screaming.

"Everybody just started screaming because people were hit, people were bleeding, I never thought it was [Latecia]. You never think it's your family member," said Jones.

Through the chaos, the three got split up. After Flowers and Jones accounted for each other, they realized that Latecia was missing.

"Some girl started saying, 'It's a body over here. It's a body over here.' She was laying there," said Jones through tears. Latecia was killed by the gunfire along with two others. Five others were wounded.

Omaha Police said in a press conference Saturday that the incident was gang-related. Of the eight people hit by bullets, police said four are gang members.

Latecia's family said she was not in a gang and that the gunfire appeared to have come from different directions, putting anyone at risk to get hit.

"They were aiming to take everyone out that's what it seemed like. They were aiming to take everyone out," said Jones.

Now Latecia's family hopes someone will come forward after seeing their pain.

"All those people at the party and no one, no one saw anything?" said Flowers. "I don't believe that. These innocent people, their killers need to be brought to justice."

A $25,000 reward is offered for a tip leading to a homicide arrest.
The number to call is 444-stop and the person who provides the information can remain anonymous.