Dads Encouraged To Be Involved In Children's Education

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As thousands more metro students went back to school Wednesday, one group hoped their fathers were along to see them to their classroom. It's all part of the Million Father March.

Black Men United and city officials greeted families as they arrived at Mount View Elementary School near 52nd and Fort, encouraging dads to take a strong role in their child's education. They also hosted an assembly to remind children and their fathers of their worth.

“You have a purpose, you have a reason for being here, you have a goal you need to reach, you have a path you need to follow, you can do it,” said Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray. “I know it, we know it, let's get started."

Andrell Nichols said education is everything for his son. "It will carry you for years and years. You have to be smart and intelligent these days. Reading, math, it will come around in the long run. You’ll need it."

Dads were also asked to volunteer at school.