Corporate Cup Pushes Walkers One Step At A Time

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Thousands of people came out to this years Corporate Cup race sponsored by the American Lung Association.

Some people walked, others ran, and some defied all odds.

Denisha Davis was one of those walkers. Last March she was at a birthday party when someone opened fire. She was shot in the abdomen. The bullet hit her spine and she was immediately paralyzed.

"The doctors said I would either never walk again or I would have a 1 percent chance of walking," she said.

But that 1 percent chance, turned into 100 percent reality. Denisha was able to walk the last leg of the two-mile course with the help of her friends at QLI, a rehab center for brain and spinal cord injuries.

"I wanted my chair so bad and they wouldn’t give it to me," she said. "I really wanted it. And my arms were hurting but everyone was around me and supporting me."

Heather Robbins and Rachael Johnson also participated in the race. They were both in car accidents that left them paralyzed. But neither one let that get to them today.

“It’s amazing to think how far I’ve come since my accident. I mean for a long time I could barely move my arms,” Johnson said.

Robbins said it was great to see Davis walking.

"I remember when she first came to QLI, she wasn’t really able to do a whole lot and now she’s walking and it’s great to encourage her," she said.

As all three of them crossed the finish line, they were met with cheers from the crowd.

"It just made me smile," Davis said. "It’s like I can’t stop. There's people that don't even know me and they’re cheering me on. It’s amazing.”