Cluster Crime In Council Bluffs

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A Heartland neighborhood is the target for thieves and vandals but the crooks are actually getting into trouble with the federal government.

A cluster mailbox was broken into now neighbors will have to go pick up their mail until repairs are made.

The way Paul Van Bibber figures it the thief or thieves used some kind of tool and quickly went through the cluster mailboxes in his west end neighborhood.

Paul Van Bibber says, "I think what they did was they put a device inserted it in here into the key hole and turned it because it takes a lot of force to open one of these things."

It is easy to see the scratches around the locks on the mailboxes and it is obvious that any security that once existed at this cluster is long gone.

Paul believes the crooks were after money but he can't figure out what they expected to get from breaking into a bunch of mailboxes.

Paul Van Bibber says, "They use to go after social security checks but social security doesn't mail out checks anymore."

Van Bibber doesn't believe the thieves could have stolen much value from the mailboxes and that is part of the reason he was surprised they were hit.

Paul Van Bibber says, "I was stunned at first I didn't know what was going on. I thought maybe the postal carrier made a mistake or something."

A closer look revealed the damage and the crime.

Because the security of the mailboxes has been compromised people who had mail delivered to that cluster mailbox now will have to pickup their mail at their local post office.

When repairs are made to the mailboxes delivery will resume.