It's Now Legal To Own Pit Bulls In Carter Lake

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The law has changed in Carter Lake where it is no longer illegal to own a pit bull. Some dog owners say it's about time officials stopped picking on one particular breed.

Connie O'Hara loves her dog "Fluffy" and thought it was unfair that other dog owners in Carter Lake could not own pit bulls. "I didn't think it was right because they shouldn't ban or block any breed of dog. It's not the dog most of the time, it's the owner."

Everett Wickwire says he takes care of his three dogs and thinks owning a pit bull should not be outlawed. “They can have them, but they have to see that they're chained up so people can’t get hurt."

"To discriminate against a dog or a breed of a dog just because one of them is mean, I think it's totally unfair," says Carter Lake Mayor Jerry Waltrip. "I think an animal is an animal. Dogs inherently aren't mean, they're the humans' best friend."

The new ordinance puts restrictions on dogs or breeds that are a potential danger. There are requirements to follow and a $150 annual fee. "If you take them out for a walk they have to be muzzled," says the mayor. "If the dog is in the yard you have to post. I just read the ordinance, you have to post it could be a dangerous dog."

Mayor Waltrip says now it's up to the city to police the new ordinance, which also requires owners of potentially dangerous breeds to carry $100,000 of public liability insurance.