Thief Seen On Video Stealing Package After Delivery, Arrested

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A woman, seen on surveillance video stealing a package off the porch of an Omaha home after it had been left by a FedEx driver, has been arrested.

Police say 21-year-old Sara Kanger is the woman seen stealing the package from the house near North 50th and Cuming streets last Friday afternoon. Investigators with the Auto Theft Unit watched the video and were able to identify Kanger. She was taken into custody Monday afternoon at a meeting with her probation officer and booked for theft of over $5,000.

In the homeowner's video, a yellow car drives by and then doubles back after the FedEx truck leaves. A passenger gets out and grabs the package.

package thief

Neighbors are shocked. "Right in the middle of the day, I couldn't believe it," said Dundee Memorial Park Neighborhood Association President Adam Langdon. "This is my neighbor right across the street and here it is 1:30 in the afternoon, there are neighbors home all around us and there is a young lady going up to steal a package."

Police say thieves understand that most people are at work during the daytime hours.

The homeowner told WOWT 6 News the package contained medical supplies for a cancer patient.

Sunday, a resident three blocks away called the phone number on the package label to say he found the box and that all the contents appeared to still be inside. The homeowner is happy with how the community responded with thousands of views of the video on social media.