Build Omaha Show Answers Consumer Questions

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As the weather warms up, some in the metro are taking their first steps to building a new home.

With that, comes a lot of questions, but over the weekend, Build Omaha offered a lot of answers.

Brian and Lori Pick want to build a new house, but it's a task that's stressful for anyone.

"The next house we build is one we're going to plan on being in for a long time, so we just want to make sure he have everything in there that we want when we do build the house," said Brian Pick.

The Picks and many others visited the 2014 Build Omaha Show at the DC Centre.

They got the opportunity to visit with 13 different builders, all in one event.

Visitors got to have personal conversations with the builders, asking about pricing, style, and the latest technology.

One of the aspects many people were most interested in was energy efficiency. They wanted to know how to make their homes greenest with windows and siding.

Build Omaha offered the event because it wants to make a greater city in the future.

"When you buy a new home and you build a new home, you not only help find a new home and a great start for you, but you're also building Omaha, and the industry, and all the partners involved in that," said Jenny Conklin, of Build Omaha.

Having so many resources at one event helped take some of the stress off of the Picks.

"It's kind of nice it's all under one place and we can just go from little booth to booth, and find out what everybody has to offer, and it's a big decision to make," said Lori Pick.

The show continues Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., and includes several classes.