Blackstone District Hosts Open House

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From the bottom of the glass to the top, what's brewing inside one of Omaha’s newest nightlife destinations is filling up with beer and people.

"This neighborhood has been neglected for years, and I think with everything that's happening right now we are revitalizing the neighborhood and turning something into what it should have been years ago,” Scott Stephens said.

Stephens, a co-owner of Scriptown brewing off 40th and Farnam said his business was one of several popping up along the block in the Blackstone District. The curb appeal he said is all about revamping a once desolate area of midtown. "I think that with a lot of us investing our time and energy of recreating a space in Omaha that has been neglected over the years is huge."

Patrons can't resist tasting the new brews as well, excited for the new and improved district, giving Omaha the big city feel with the small town friendships. "Chicago is kind of the same way, was neighborhood pockets, Omaha is kind of getting to that too, on a lot smaller scale, it makes it unique,” Jessie Combs said.

"There is so many new places that I can't believe the amount of work that has been put into the buildings because I remember there wasn't much here and the buildings were empty,” Melanie Judkins said. Judkins of Black Squirrel Tattoo explained the color of the neighborhood is coming back with each new tattoo, glass of wine, or new clothes purchased from stores in the area. "You’ve turned something that had potential into something that is going to prosper and actually become something,” Judkins said.

Businesses were also open Saturday night during an open house from 5-8 p.m., all with hopes to see repeat customers in the future.

Corkscrew Wine & Cheese is set to open its second location in Blackstone, there will also be a new pizza place set to open shop soon. Saturday’s open house also included Sullivan's bar and The Night Owl.