Avoiding A Break-In This Holiday

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Gone for the holidays, Adams Gaines and his family got a not so cheerful call from their security company.

"Here is the alarm when the door is kicked in," said Gaines, as he pulls up a security app on his phone. He points to the moment of attempted entry saying, "Family room door at 9:52 p.m."

Burglars kicked in his back door, but a loud sounding alarm kept them from coming inside.

"Without being here and not having eyes on, I was a little freaked out," said Gaines.

From a state away he called neighbors to wait until police arrived. A few days later he got back in town and he said he is still finding more damage.

"When we got home the kick plate, the strike plate was actually lying on the carpet," said Gaines. "And you can see the, right along the edge of the frame where it looks like they used a screw driver to pry it out."

And he's come up with a theory as to how the crooks stayed unnoticed in a neighborhood like his. He believes neighborhoods with a lot of little cul-de-sacs attract burglars because they are able to park, then walk a short distance away to find their target. All the while, they are not bringing any suspicion to themselves, because they don't have a car parked out front of the house they are burglarizing.

"And so, coming off the Thanksgiving weekend, I was thankful for an alarm system that was working, great neighbors and a responsive police force," said Gaines.