Jenkins Denied Bond; Family of Victims Respond

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Nikko Jenkins, facing four counts of first-degree murder, was arraigned on those charges Thursday afternoon. Douglas County Judge Joseph Caniglia ordered the 26-year-old held without bond, so he will remain in custody until trial.

Unlike his court appearance days earlier where Jenkins questioned the constitution and spoke at length about some of the allegations, he said very little Thursday.

Jenkins was already in jail on other charges when he was charged Wednesday for the killings that include the August 21st death of 33-year-old Andrea Kruger.

Also killed were 22-year-old Curtis Bradford, whose body was found outside a garage on August 19th and 29-year-old Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz and 26-year-old Juan Uribe-Pena, whose bodies were found August 11th in a pickup at Spring Lake Park.

The families of Andrea Kruger and Curtis Bradford and the family of the suspected killer crossed paths inside Courtroom 50 in the Douglas County jail Thursday afternoon.

Curtis Bradford had spent time in prison with Jenkins. His mother Velita Glasgow says they weren't friends. "It looks like there's no remorse. I can't explain how I feel. I feel sorry for all of us. What a way for all of us to meet."

"I needed to see him in person," said Ryan Roberts, brother of Andrea Kruger.

His sister's murder has been called random -- that Nikko Jenkins seemingly faked car trouble at 168th and Fort, and then shot and killed the mother of 3 when she stopped her car at the intersection.

Her husband, who also attended the court hearing, is praying for all the families involved. His energy is focused on his family.

"Number one -- I have to make sure my little girls and my boy get what they need done every day," said Michael-Ryan Kruger. "Smile, laugh everyday. Go to about football and go to the park. I'll worry about forgiveness at another time."

"Obviously something went terribly wrong and it needs to be addressed," said Kruger's brother, who believes the system failed all the families. They plan to attend every court hearing for Andrea's sake.

Reporter: "Do you want to see the death penalty?"
Michael-Ryan Kruger: "Great question. My children will grow up and who knows how long that thing will take. What if it's 20-years from now? Jayden is 33. Ava will be 24 and Hartley will be 22. Do they want to go through that? I don't know. Whatever his fate is -- has been decided right now."

At a news conference on Wednesday, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said investigators started piecing together a puzzle that pointed to Jenkins after the death of Mrs. Kruger. A team of detectives decided to move in on Jenkins using a warrant for terroristic threats.

Schmaderer said, “Mr. Nikko Jenkins was an indiscriminate killer who wreaked havoc on the Omaha area since being released from prison on July 30th."

Thirteen days after being released from prison, police investigators say Jenkins went on 10-day murder spree.

"Nikko Jenkins maneuvered through his freedom by using fear, intimidation and violence to get what he wanted,” Schmaderer said. "There was a random nature to some of the killing. Some of them were not so random. He was a rare killer, very rare to have somebody cross racial lines, gender lines and go throughout the entire city, in all pockets of our city to commit his crimes.”

Kruger was gunned down two weeks ago. Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning said Wednesday, “I can tell you that he did not know her previous to this incident. So if you're going to surmise that robbery or road rage, or not road rage but robbery or carjacking are involved, that's probably a good guess."

In the end, with the help of local, state and federal authorities, they were able to pull Jenkins off the street and begin to connect the puzzle pieces.

Chief Schmaderer said, “He would have continued this had law enforcement not put an end to it.”

“Our community immediately came forward to assist and console the Kruger family,” the sheriff said. “I hope this arrest brings them comfort and the family as well.”