Andrea Kruger's Murder Was Quick and Random

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While the investigators in the Jenkins case are still keeping details of the murders under wraps, sources tell Channel Six News it appears that what led up to Andrea Kruger's death happened quickly.

In the early morning hours of August 21, Andrea Kruger, a wife and mother of three, was on her way home from work, approaching the intersection of 168th and Fort, where she was about to become the victim of a random attack.

Our sources tell us Nikko Jenkins, along with an unidentified second party were in a vehicle stopped at that intersection when Andrea Kruger happened to pull up behind them. Authorities believe that as Kruger's car slowed to a stop, Jenkins got out of his car, went over to Kruger's, opened the door, pulled her out into the street and shot her several times in the head.

Sources tell us that Jenkins then got into Kruger's SUV and both vehicles sped away northbound on 168th Street.

The gunfire triggered calls to 911 seconds. The information was then relayed by the dispatcher. The 911 caller had reported seeing an SUV and a sedan at the intersection. Four shots were fired.

The first responder on the scene reported back, "I'm going to need a supervisor and I'm going to need a squad at this location. I have a female patient down on the street."

Dispatch: "Patrol 13, is the party conscious, alert and breathing?"

First Responder: "No."

While Jenkins has been charged in the case, authorities say they have more work to do. This investigation isn't over.

Sheriff Tim Dunning said Wednesday, "We know that Nikko Jenkins was not alone and our investigation will continue to bring others to justice."

As for a motive, the sheriff said the shooting could have been the result of a robbery or carjacking.