Health Fair For Refugees Links Families To Care

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Hundreds of refugees attended a health fair Saturday, organized by the UNMC School of Public Health.

The event sought to link families to critical medical care. Students from UNMC, Creighton Dental, and various other organizations provided information and administered tests, such as BMI and blood pressure and eye and dental screenings.

Walgreens also provided 350 free flu shots.

Organizer, Laura Vinson, said the point of the fair was to provide education for families, not just tests. Each family went from booth to booth with a UNMC student, called a navigator, who helped guide the families based on needs.

Before they were allowed to receive tests and screenings, the families had to go to six booths solely about education.

"If you don't have the education to understand the context and what is it about my high blood pressure do I need to manage and what kind of things can I do to address it it's just not as effective, so it's better if we can provide that education as well," said Laura Vinson.

If the results of tests were abnormal, the families were linked to CHI Florence, which is the state designated center for refugee medical care.