Family Of Four Lives On Budget Of $62 A Week

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Many of us set a family budget, though sticking to it is not always easy. An Omaha mother racking up big savings for her family by going online shares her coupon secrets.

Laura Schamp scours the ads every Wednesday and marks the best buys. "We're a one-income family and my husband brings all the income in so I just needed to find a way to contribute to the savings in our household.”

She began organizing coupons years ago and now is an expert at maximizing the savings. The proof is she sticks to an impressively tight budget for her family of four. "My budget is around $62 a week. That's what I try."

That $62 includes fresh fruit and health and beauty products. A friend started noticing her skill at saving and encouraged her to start her own coupon blog, which Laura did. That blog is and she's already gaining followers nationwide.

The blog posts free sample offers and weekly sales at grocery stores. It also allows you to print coupons right off the site. Here’s just one example of her smart shopping. Laura bought food at Baker’s for $21.10 with coupons. Without the coupons, the total would have been $121.21, a savings of more than $100!

On the receipt, an entire section shows coupon after coupon. How long did it take to check out? "It varies on the cashier and what kind of mood they're in,” said Laura. “Sometimes it's 15 minutes, sometimes it might be 30 minutes." If it is going to take that long, she always warns the customers behind her.

Laura said that so far this year, she's saved $2,300 by maximizing her coupons. On average, she shops at three stores a week to get the best deals.