Gun Organization Raising Money For Walgreens' Shooter; Police Deny New Permit

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The Nebraska Firearms Owner Association has offered to buy a new handgun for the man who shot and killed a robbery suspect at an Omaha Walgreens.

Harry "James" McCullough, 32, said he's been overwhelmed by the support from people appreciative of his actions. On Monday, April 26th, he noticed two men, one of them armed with a shotgun, threaten the clerk and another customer at the Walgreens on 61st and NW Radial. That's when he shot the man 4-times, killing him. McCullough then held down the other suspect until police arrived. "You only have one chance," is what he told reporters on Thursday about his reaction.

McCullough who worked in corporate security shoots competitively twice a month at a local gun club. "I carry (my gun) everywhere. It's like a wallet."

Omaha Police have taken his gun, a Smith and Wesson 40-caliber, for the investigation. It may take months for him to get it back.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine determined the shooting was justified.

Andy Allen, President of the Nebraska Firearms Owner Association said on the website: "He needs a new carry gun, and the NFOA Board of Directors has made arrangements with an FFL member in the Omaha area to get another S&W for him at dealer cost. The Board has also offered to pay for this firearm for him, and request donations from our members to cover this expense. We had not intended to publicize this donation at this time, but Mr. McCullough thought we should be recognized for our efforts to help him continue to have a way to protect himself."

McCullough was ticketed for carrying concealed without a permit. Investigators say he had the proper paperwork to carry the gun out in the open but not concealed. McCullough says he carries it in his waistband.
Omaha city prosecutor Marty Conboy hasn't determined if there is enough evidence to charge him.

McCullough's attorney believes the citation should be dropped because of the lives he saved.

Andy Allen talked to Channel 6 News Friday. He tells us enough money has been promised to buy McCullough a gun. However, when McCullough went to OPD Headquarters Friday afternoon to apply for a permit to buy a new gun, his permit was denied. Allen says no reason was given by police for the denial.