Couple's Last Argument Ends In Murder

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An Omaha man is behind bars for allegedly killing his girlfriend. Police say Tamatha Coppock died Tuesday after being shot during an argument with Mark Beckwith.

Brad Price was working in bay number 19 near 42nd and Maple where right above him is apartment number seven and once again Coppock and Beckwith were arguing. Price says the couple often argued, but Tuesday was different.

“When he walked out the door he had on blue jeans and blood on his pants, he was covered in blood, but he wasn’t hurt."

Price says he was very close and could hear everything that was going on in the apartment, but never heard a gunshot. "The funny thing is we're underneath the building, we heard a whole bunch of commotion like throwing things, doors slamming and this and that. I didn't hear one gunshot. They found her in the bathroom, that’s where we heard him call for help. I was 10 feet from it.”

Price believes the fight started because Beckwith was with another woman, but arguments between the couple went on every day and often lasted for hours. Price also believes Coppock was the aggressor in this argument, but now Price and others who were listening are thinking that maybe they should have stepped in.

“Now we're kicking ourselves wishing we would have called, but I don't know, I'm weighing back and fourth thinking was this self-defense? I didn’t hear him at all until the very last."

Beckwith has been arrested for criminal homicide, use of a weapon to commit a felony and being a felon in possession of a firearm.