Murder Case Dismissed; Witness Never Showed

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A key witness failed to show up Friday morning and murder charges were dismissed against Cary McCarty.

McCarty has been identified as an Omaha gang member. Investigators suspect the witness was too scared to testify.

McCarty was accused in the February shooting of Maurice Parker outside Kelley’s Hilltop Lanes.

Earlier this month, more witnesses in a different case failed to testify against Akeem Jones who was accused in the gang murder of Gary Holmes.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine tells Channel Six News that it’s frustrating to work so hard to catch and prosecute someone only to have witnesses too frightened to testify. “We need to stand up as a united front to this small percentage of people who do these crimes. We can’t let the bad guys run things.”

While tips to police can sometimes remain anonymous Kleine says people need to understand that it takes evidence to prosecute criminals and that often involves witnesses testifying since everyone has a right to confront their accuser in court.