Sheehan Protests In Omaha

For two years she's been the most public face of protest to the war in Iraq.

On Sunday Cindy Sheehan was in the metro to speak at the Omaha Peace and Justice Expo.

Among Sheehan's messages, "one person can make a difference.”

She's say she's been living by that motto in her efforts to end the Iraq war after her son, Casey, was killed fighting there.

Protestors to Sheehan’s message were visible Sunday. It’s something Sheehan has faced all along, but in the last year she says it's decreased dramatically.

"And if I would have been here a year ago after my first Camp Casey there would have been a lot more protest and opposition. And it is dwindling as support for George Bush and the war dwindles opposition to our message also dwindles," says Cindy Sheehan.

Other people say they wanted to show the troops they have support on the homefront.

Ian Daharsh of the UNO College Republicans says “Our point is to have a positive rally to try and support our troops to try and counter some of Sheehan’s anti-war, anti-troop message. We just wanted to do something positive today."

Sheehan is also working on building the Camp Casey Peace Institute.

She says it will help troops transition back to normal life after living in war-torn areas.