7-Year-Old Watching Fireworks Hit By Stray Bullet

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A 7-year-old Council Bluffs boy is recovering after being wounded in the shoulder by a stray bullet fired into the air Saturday night.

Police say young Leyton was standing in the driveway of his home near North 26th Street and Avenue J around 10:30 p.m., watching neighborhood fireworks with his grandparents when he began crying, complaining of pain in his right shoulder. His grandmother noticed a small amount of blood and thought he'd been struck by a firework. When she took him inside to clean the wound she discovered a .223-caliber bullet.

Judging by the size and depth of the wound, police believe it was fired into the air from a five-mile radius, which would include Omaha.

"Just to be in your own yard and get struck by a bullet from the sky, you know, it is supposed to be fireworks coming from the sky, not bullets," said grandfather Jim Riddle. "We thought it was a firework that hit him right here and then all of the sudden we found out it was a bullet laying on the floor after she lifted up the cloth, putting pressure on the blood."

Police remind us not to shoot guns into the air in a celebratory manner. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 712-328-STOP.

"I'm pretty really upset about it because it could have been way worse, it could have been within a mile and really did a lot of damage to him. It would have been awful talking to you right now. A little kid, I mean that is what they love, they love the 4th of July, they love the fireworks, they like having fun."