Terror Free Oil

Drivers are always on the lookout for the lowest gas prices. But after we fill up, where does the money go? A new kind of gas station in Mllard that wants people to think about that question.

The gas station at 131Street and Q used to show a Sinclair dinosaur. Now, in big bold letters "Terror Free Oil."

The idea is to sell gasoline made from oil orginating in countries friendly to the United States.

On its website, the terror free oil organization says the U.S. is funding its own demise.

It's not open yet, but when it is customers will have some not-so-light reading while they fill up.

The terror free oil initiative says its goal is to cut funding to terrorist organizations and countries sympathetic to terrorism by not buying their oil.

There's no word on when the terror free oil gas station in Omaha will open. But, when it does, it'll have plenty of competition.

There's a QT next door, a Bucky's at the end of the block and a fourth gas station on the next block.

According to the website, the "Terror Free Oil" gas station on "Q" street is the first in the nation.

For more information on the Terror-Free Oil Click here.