Pitbull Attacks 6-year old Girl

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A six-year old Lavista girl is recovering at home after a dog attack. The bite was so severe -- skin was torn from her shoulder.

Aliyah Balquier appeared in good spirits. Her bandaged left arm and the missing dog next door are the obvious reminders of the day before.

"Aliyah was climbing up here and she went up to get the ball," says her sister, Maya who is 9.

The children were playing with a plastic ball when it landed on the other side of the neighbor's chainlink fence. Aliyah went to get it. When she leaned across the limp fence, the dog bit her.

The family says the dog's owners were grilling when it happened and they had to repeatedly punch the dog just to get him to let go of Aliyah.

The dog took a chunk the size of a quarter from her arm. Even after doctor's stiched up the wound, you could see the teeth marks around it.

The neighbor dog is now locked up at the Nebraska Humane Society.

The pit bull named Sticks is in quarantine. A judge will decide what will happen to him.

Because Sticks showed violent and aggressive behavior to the girl -- his owner has been ticketed for harboring a dangerous animal.

Mark Langan with the Nebraska Humane Society says, "We really stress to dog owners try to keep control of your dog. If your dog becomes agitated when people come along the fenceline -- monitor the situation to prevent the dog from jumping up and biting people and scaring people."

Aliyah is on anti-biotics -- waiting to see if rabies shots will be needed. The pitbull wasn't up on its vaccinations.

At the very least -- her sisters are watching out for her.

"I told her it's going to be ok and don't be scared," saya Maya.

The girl's mother says the dog's owner came over and apologized Wednesday night. He also carried Aliyah to her porch.