Community Reaches Out

A month after a house fire killed two Omaha men, the community continues to reach out to the family members who survived the blaze.

On September 30, 13-year-old Brittney Bohbot helped her mother and three sisters out of their burning home but Brittney's father, Shawn and Shawn's father Manasse, died in the fire.

Brittney is a student at McMillan Middle School and since the fire the school has worked non-stop on letter-writing campaign, asking local businesses to help the Bohbots and they have done just that.

Within a month, students and staff at McMillan, raised more than $3,000 for the family.

Brittany says, "I'm just grateful for like all the help everybody's been putting in."

Lisa Bohbot says, "People are just offering so much and it means the world to us because we don't have anything."

Lisa says that even with the tragedy she's dealing with she wants to bring some joy to the girls this holiday season but the family lost all their decorations in the fire. Anyone wishing to help can contact the family at this e-mail address: Donations can also be made at any metro US Bank.