Omaha's Newest Recycling Service

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Recycling has always been a way to keep the planet cleaner and healthier, but now it’s fast becoming more user-friendly and lucrative.

Curbside Rewards is Omaha’s newest recycling outlet. It’s a private, green company that offers a stimulus program to customers who recycle.
Curbside Rewards is partnered with the Recycle Bank, another recycling rewards company headquartered in New York. Although it doesn't replace the city's recycling program, Vice President of Curbside Rewards Brian Gubble, says it's a good compliment to the recycling program already in place.

Curbside Rewards offers people the ability to put their recycling into a 96-gallon container in exchange for reward points. Those reward points are then documented through a radio frequency tag attached to the container, weighed and collected every two weeks.

The cost associated with this, Curbside Rewards officials say, is small compared to the difference the service can make. Members pay a $9.99 subscription to remain enrolled in the program.

As members begin to recycle, they will see their rewards bank increasing and that rewards bank can be checked by logging into an online account. The more a member contributes, the more points will be available for redeeming everything from gift cards to donations for charitable causes and non-profits.

Customers can receive up to $40 a month ($480) in rewards. Those rewards can be used for merchandise at over 160 local partners including Hy-Vee and Fareway Grocery Stores. Rewards can also be used to make donations to causes like Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The Children’s Museum.

Curbside Rewards is quickly growing in the Omaha area. Any household currently serviced by Elkhorn Sanitation is automatically eligible for the service. Dundee is the second Omaha neighborhood to become officially involved with the program.

Curbside Rewards officials say it’s a demand-based operation and that the organization will offer service to other Omaha neighborhoods that generate 100 or more household subscriptions.

For more information on how you can get involved or to join, go or call 402-763-CART.