Arrest Warrant Issued in Omaha Man's Murder

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A felony warrant has been issued for the arrest of 36-year-old Rafael Jiminez for the murder of 39-year-old Peter Barges in late January.

Barges was found dead in the driveway of his home near 71st and Lake. His 10-year-old son was inside the home at the time.

Earlier, Homicide detectives arrested 21-year-old Armando Gomez for Accessory to a Felony. Gomez was booked into the Douglas County Department of Corrections.

Police still have not said just how Barges died or what the motive was. But those who knew and loved him are finding some peace in this latest development.

"We're relieved, says cousin Nate Barges. “The family is very relieved and excited. Our fingers were crossed."

The news of an arrest warrant is tempered by the reality that the prime suspect, Rafael Jiminez, likely fled the state. "So we just hope that somebody, US Marshals or whoever will catch up with him as soon as possible."

A wreath which reads "In Loving Memory" lies a few feet from the driveway where Barges was found dead in the early morning hours of January 22nd.

His neighbor, Bart Howard, says he’s glad to hear a suspect has been named. "It's a reassurance, you know that the police department is doing your job and finding the people that are behind this."

The crime scene, Howard says, is still fresh in his mind.

"It's hard to imagine what happened that night, and every time you drive by, it's just a remembrance of Pete. He loved to spend a lot of time with his son. And now he's not going to be able to cherish any of those moments anymore."

Barges’ creativity and ingenuity are the things his cousin, Nate, will remember. “His smile. And just consideration of everybody. He's the guy that always took everybody's phone calls and tried to help you out, lead you in the right direction."

He adds he’s “frustrated. It was just senseless. Very senseless. It's just a sad loss. He was like a brother of mine, more than a cousin."

Other family members Channel 6 spoke with said they’re happy about the arrest warrant; however, they won’t be truly satisfied until Jimenez is behind bars.

Anyone with information is asked to call Omaha Police at 444-7867.