4-Year-Old's Kool-Aid Stand Raises $1000 For Officer Orozco's Family

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It started as a small Kool-Aid stand. It ended up being so much more than that.

"I was at home that day when it was Breaking News..."

May 20th, 2015. A day Omaha saw heartbreak firsthand. Officer Kerrie Orozco was shot while chasing down a fugitive.

"It struck a chord with me that she was going to start her maternity leave that day and I had just had a baby back in October myself," said Kim Lockett.

Kim knew she wanted to do something for Officer Orozco's family. She thought it would be a perfect teaching moment for her daughter Sophie.

"We told her about Officer Orozco's family and what happened and we asked her if she would want to help out - and she just said YES!" said Kim.

That's where it all began, right in the Lockett Family's driveway.

"A Kool-Aid stand for Officer Kerrie," said Sophie, 4.

Sophie stood outside delivering Kool-Aid to anyone she could reach.

Kool Aid Stand

WOWT 6 News' Malorie Maddox asked Sophie, "Did you have a lot of people come by?"

"Mmm Hmmm," she said.

"How many people?"

"I think 11."

Eleven. That can seem like such a big number when you are just 4-years-old. Sophie's mom says it was more like 50 cars and they went through three big jugs of Kool-Aid.

"Initially she raised $343," said Kim.

After the stand, the family got $200 in the mail. This was just the beginning.

Sophie's family used the hashtag "KoolaidforKerrie." The Kool-Aid company got wind of it.

"They were so touched and they wanted to match her donation," Kim said.

Kool-Aid didn't stop there. They sent Sophie a T-shirt she wears very proudly. They also sent a big poster thanking her and her brother Johnnie for their kindness. After all, their small stand brought in way more than was ever expected.

"It came to just under 11-hundred dollars!" said Kim.

Sophie's family dropped off their donations with the Omaha Police Department.

The Locketts say they will never forget the woman who inspired them-and through heartbreak-brought all of us together.

"The support of everyone from the community just lined up. It was just breathaking and amazing and very heartbreaking at the same time," said Kim.

An Officer whose mission was always to give back, inspiring a 4-year-old who will never forget her.

"Because, because she went to heaven," said Sophie.