Computer Cop

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Parents of OPS middle school students will soon be able to more closely watch their child's internet activity.

Omaha police announced they will give away free computer programs to OPS middle school parents. The program is called Computer Cop. By inserting the cd in the computer, it runs a scan alerting parents to any dangerous sites their child may have gone to, will display images of pictures on the hard drive and show any pictures which have been sent to the computer.

"We hope that at the base level most of things parents will find won't be thing that are law enforcement appropriate. They will be things they can handle right there at home. But in the isolated case when it's going to be something that law enforcement needs to be involved there will be a contact mechanism a way for them to contact police," says LT. Keith Harris.

The Computer Cop program will be ready for distribution starting late January or the middle of February. Information will be sent home with students from the schools instructing them how to contact the Omaha Police Department to get a copy. There will also be information on the Omaha police website.