Beer Burglars Busted

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Omaha Police arrested three teenagers for burglary early Friday morning, helped by a trail of beer cans to a nearby home.

Officers investigating a robbery at G's Mini Mart at 16th and Fort noticed the door had been pried open and inside a pack of cigarettes on the floor behind the counter. Near the cooler they found a piece of the handle from a case of Bud Light.

Missing from the cooler were two cases of Busch Light and a case each of Bud Light and Keystone beer. A search outside the convenience store turned up a can of cold Bud Light. Officers followed a trail of full beer cans to a nearby house. Inside, they found beer and a crowbar.

Eighteen-year-old Mickey Mangan and 18-year-old Kyle Wilson were arrested for burglary and possession of burglary tools. A 16-year-old was also arrested on the same charges. His name was not disclosed due to his age.