Hummel Park Legends Come To Life In New Book

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If you've lived in Omaha for years, you've undoubtedly heard the scary stories that surround Hummel Park.

From the morphing stairs to Albino colonies, ghost stories and even packs of wild dogs-- there's a number of legends that have turned into local folklore.

For author Jeremy Morong, he knew he had to put the stories on paper.

His latest book "The Legend of Hummel Park and Other Stories," brings to life familiar stories we've all heard time and again.

"It's my own take on the stories," Morong said. "So basically I have a character that’s kind of like a Jason or Freddy, but not as extreme. He knows all these stories and he’s disappointed that it’s not real."

So he takes matters into his own hands. In the book you'll find the classic Hummel Park stories, as well as a few Morong created on his own-- including his favorite, the story of conjoined twins that may be in need of a separation.

To this day, people still go to Hummel Park in search of the stories.

"It’s just part of being human," Morong said. "Those ghost stories and there’s something that we can’t explain and something that doesn’t have answers."

Morong's book is now available on Amazon. Click on the link to see a copy.