Staton Will Ask Court For Visiting Rights

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The Omaha father who left nine children at Creighton University Medical Center two weeks ago under Nebraska's Safe Haven Law will ask the court to grant visitation rights.

Motions filed in Douglas County Juvenile Court have put the Staton children's case on hold and left them in legal limbo.

Laws and the way they're interpreted can at times be a messy business. That's something Jack Manzer is finding out firsthand. He left a hearing about his grandkids Wednesday morning with more questions than answers.

"Everything is kind of up in the air right now." Where it goes from here? "I don't know, that's what I'm going to find out."

Last Thursday, Manzer, his wife Joanne and Amoria Micek, Gary Staton's oldest child, sat down with Channel 6 News and talked about Staton, the kids and the future.

"Whatever is in the kids' best interest, if they say this will work and the kids say okay, that's fine," said Micek. That future has now been clouded with court paper.

Health and Human Services has filed motions to repeal the placement of the children and for a temporary stay. Another attorney has filed a motion to keep the children's information, including names, out of the court file. Another motion would ban everyone from the courtroom.

Staton's attorney told the judge he will file a motion for visitation rights and Channel 6 News found out Wednesday the Cherokee Nation based in Oregon may have a legal claim to raise the Staton kids because they are part Native American.

The experience seems to have soured Jack Manzer and confused everyone. "That's what I'm finding out what's happening." Asked if he has hope of getting this settled anytime soon, Manzer responded, "I hope, I always hope."

Judge Elizabeth Crnkovich told everyone in the courtroom she does not have jurisdiction while the Appellate Court is involved and cannot rule on any motions until the Appellate Court makes a decision.

For now, seven of the nine children remain with their great aunt in Lincoln. The other two are with family in Omaha.