Omaha Police Blotter

A quick rundown of some of the recent crimes reported to Omaha Police.

Stephens-Smith Construction reports the theft of rebar from one of the company’s job sites. The rebar, used to reinforce concrete, was valued at $1500.00

The Village Point restaurant, Cheeseburger in Paradise, reports the theft of 20 empty kegs. The kegs actually belong to several beer distribution companies, but the restaurant will have to pay the distributors $600.00 for the missing kegs.

The manager of the HyVee gas station at Saddle Creek and Center Streets tells officers a man walked into the station at about noon on Monday, and walked out with two boxes of Pamper’s Diapers, two jugs of Tide detergent, and two packages of toilet paper.
Investigators are reviewing the security tapes.

Police are also checking the security cameras at Benson High School after four students reported their bicycles were stolen.
The kids range in age from nine to thirteen. They tell police they were playing football on the Benson field when they saw several other kids walk up to their bikes, and ride off with them.