Grand Jury: No Criminal Conduct in Officer-Involved Deaths

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Wednesday afternoon, a grand jury determined there was no criminal conduct in three officer-involved deaths, and three in-custody deaths.

The grand jury was assembled Monday.

The hearing involved multiple incidents.

Two of the deaths happened at the same time. In August 2014, officers confronted a robber armed with a realistic-looking pellet gun.

When suspect Cortez Washington pulled the trigger, officers opened fire, killing Washington.

Bryce Dion, a crew member of the TV reality show COPS, was caught in the crossfire, struck by a bullet, and died of his injury.

The grand jury also heard details in the February 24th death of Daniel Elrod.

An officer fatally shot Elrod after the man allegedly robbed a Family Dollar store. Police say Elrod claimed he was armed and was not following orders.

The fourth death is that of Joseph Losteiner.

He was arrested in October of, 2014 for several charges including leaving the scene of a crash and flight to avoid arrest. He was found unresponsive in his cell about five hours later and was pronounced dead. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says Losteiner died of methamphetamine toxicity.

The fifth death is that of Michael Harris. Police say he robbed a liquor store in October of 2014, and hurt himself as he was being transported to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The sixth death is that of 62-year-old Robert Price. He was in Douglas County jail for 3rd Degree Assault of an officer when he died of cancer and liver problems.

Nebraska state law requires a grand jury investigation anytime someone either dies in custody or while someone is being placed into custody.