Widow Of Man Shot By Police Disagrees With OPD

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Wednesday, the widow of the man shot and killed by Omaha Police after he allegedly robbed a Family Dollar and fled spoke to WOWT 6 News. She said she saw the shooting take place from her home across the street. She added OPD statements on what happened, do not line up with what she said she saw happen.

"As soon as he said 'I'm unarmed, threw his hands up, that's when they shot at him. Period. Point blank. With my own eyes I saw it, and it happened so fast," said Amanda Elrod. She was married to Daniel Elrod.

Omaha Police said in a statement, that Daniel Elrod, 39, disobeyed commands after fleeing from the family dollar, and he then jumped on top of a car. They said a taser was deployed, but failed. When one officer felt threatened, Officer Alvin Lugod, they said he shot Elrod.

Amanda disagreed, and told WOWT 6 News, she didn't see a taser deployed. "It was a wrongful shooting, it was a wrongful death. It was unjustified, for one, he was unarmed. You know, if there's that many of you {police} why don't you just beat him up? Beat him up, throw him in jail, don't shoot him and kill him. His 5-year-old son doesn't have a father now," Amanda said. "I still haven't told my son, he still doesn't know that his daddy's dead."

Omaha Police said no weapon was found after Danny Elrod was shot by an officer.

"The took everything from me, he was my soul mate, meant the world to me," Amanda told WOWT 6 News. Amanda said she does not know why Elrod robbed the Family Dollar. She said she spoke to him about 20 minutes before the robbery call went out. She said they were supposed to meet for donuts and coffee down the street.

State Senator Ernie Chambers spoke out on the matter Wednesday. His comments seem to side with Amanda. "You can be killed for disobeying a cop. They think they own people. And they tell you, like in Ferguson, 'get out of the street, and if they don't get out of the street, they can kill you. And that's happening in Omaha," he told the legislature.

Omaha Police are set to answer questions from the media in a news conference Thursday morning. WOWT 6 News will air the conference live on the air and online.

Amanda told WOWT 6 News she plans to take legal action and file a lawsuit against the Omaha police department.

A timeline of events released by Omaha Police say officers were dispatched to a robbery near 13th & Center just after 6:30 p.m.

The first two officers arrived by 6:32 p.m.

Police said several witnesses pointed officers toward a robbery suspect who was walking northbound on 13th.

Alvin Lugod
Police said Officers Alvin Lugod, Bradley Bornhoft, Nicole Geyza, and Patricia Pope found the suspect in the parking lot of Sports Car Garage, near 13th and Pine.

"The officers gave Elrod loud verbal commands to show his hands and to get on the ground. Elrod refused to comply with the commands," reads a statement.

Police said Elrod then climbed onto a car's hood and continued to ignore commands.

Police said Officer Nicole Geyza deployed a taser, but it was ineffective.

Officer Alvin Lugod "perceived Elrod’s actions and statements to be a threat toward another officer," police said.

We're told the officer then shot Elrod several times. Elrod was transported to Nebraska Medicine in critical condition, but later died from his injuries.

Elrod's wife, Amanda Elrod, does not agree with the timeline given by police. "He said, 'I am unarmed' and he threw his hands up," said Amanda. "If a person does that, ya know, an officer should not shoot to kill."

Amanda said she was in her car close to where Elrod was shot.

"I will never be able to see him walk through the door or hear his voice anymore," she said. "I will be damned if they are going to get away with that."

Amanda said she will be hiring a defense attorney James Martin Davis.

No weapon was found at the scene.

As per policy, Officer Lugod is on paid leave, pending Homicide and Internal Affairs investigations. Lugod has been with the department for six years.

Police said no citizens witnessed the shooting, however it was captured on two cruiser video cameras.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer is out of the state, but police said he has been briefed throughout this incident and will return to Omaha Tuesday night.

A woman who works next door to Sports Car Garage said she saw flashing lights outside her door as she was about to leave and then heard gunshots.

"All of a sudden, squad cars were coming from every direction and then I realized something major was going on here," said Mary, who asked us only to use her first name. "Next thing I know, crime tape was going up across the street. I was standing in the entryway watching and heard two pops and thought it was time to move."

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