Taking Aim At Crime

As police turn up the heat in the search for a suspect in a string of recent sexual assaults, one woman has had enough of crime in the metro.

Juanita Brown was in a pawn shop Tuesday armed with a yellow note pad.

"This is my homework," she explained as she shopped for a handgun.

The 61-year-old told a Channel 6 News crew, "It was like such a burden off my shoulders and then I saw your follow-up segment about the lady and I thought, yeah, I've done the right thing. I have a piece."

The piece is a .38 snub nose special.

Last week, Brown saw a Channel 6 story about a woman nine years older than she is who was attacked three times in her own home.

That, coupled with the violence in her own neighborhood, prompted Brown to act.

She said, "The first gun he showed me was a snub nose special with a pink handle -- which was pretty feminine."

The midtown area continues to be on the lookout for this assailant. Channel 6 News found another attempted sexual assault in the past seven days in the area of Mason Street and 25th Avenue.

Brown says she knows that buying a gun might not be for everyone but she says she left the pawn shop armed with more that the weapon.

"I can't even tell you how much it's worth to me to not have the threats that are out there. Now, at least I have a safety net."

Buying a gun is a decision that police say no one should make lightly. First you apply for a permit at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. They'll give you paperwork allowing you to buy the weapon. It's then registered with the Omaha Police Department before you can finally take the gun home.

There is training involved as well. Juanita is scheduled to begin taking lessons next week. Knowing how to use the weapon and secure it is essential for good gun ownership.