27 Years After Sexual Assault, Shooting, Inmate Released

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Darwyn Minton, 54, is a free man. One of his victims, Rick Morrow, isn’t happy about it.

Minton served 27 years in prison after he severed a phone line, slipped into a home, shot a man three times and sexually assaulted his victim’s wife. During a March parole hearing he claimed he was no longer the same man that committed those crimes.

“I realized that I had hurt someone very seriously,” he said. “And I don't feel good about that. I'm ashamed about what I have done.”

Minton was ultimately denied his early release in March, but on Wednesday there was no hearing. Due to the rules governing Nebraska’s jail system he was released. When you calculate his sentence using Nebraska’s good time law Minton was ready to be a free man no later than June 10, 2015, the day he was released.
Minton declined to comment upon his release.

His victim, Rick Morrow, said he wants the full story told.
Morrow was the man who was shot in July, 1987. In previous interviews Morrow told WOWT 6 News he wasn’t sure he was going to survive.

After being shot multiple times, once in the head, Morrow slipped in and out of consciousness.

“He was beating on my wife,” said Morrow. “I’d hear her respond to the pain. I couldn’t carry a thought.”

At some point Morrow regained enough consciousness to remember he had a rifle near his dresser. Despite a pool of blood that was increasingly reminding Morrow he was near the end of his life, he found his way to the gun, pointed it at Minton, and fired. He shot off some of Minton’s fingers and hit his jaw. It gave Morrow’s wife enough time to grab Minton’s gun and rush to a neighbor's house with their two children to call police.

Morrow died three times in the hospital that night. His heart stopped multiple times. Doctors worked tirelessly to revive him. In the coming years, Morrow would learn to walk after his spinal chord had been severed, but no one could revive the life he once knew.

“Things went ugly with the family,” said Morrow. “(I) lost my wife – divorce. My babies didn’t grow up under my roof. It was really hard on all of them. Maybe harder for them.”

Years later Morrow has repaired his life. A lot has changed that’s helped him move on, but nonetheless he still breaks down each year near the anniversary of the event. Morrow said it eats him up inside.

He doubts it affects Minton the same way. He still remembers him telling the courtroom he could wait 27 years in prison until he could do it again, as a free man.

Morrow’s biggest fear is that Minton follows through on the threats he made in that courtroom years ago. Whether it’s a possibility or not there’s little he can do. In the state of Nebraska’s eyes Minton has served his time.

“What if, just what if I’m right?” asked Morrow. “What are you going to say to the next victims? Oh we’re sorry. It didn’t help my family.”

WOWT 6 News reached out to Minton as he walked as a free man for the first time after paperwork was filed. He declined comment.