2011 Football Recruits File Lawsuit Against UNO

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Thirteen University of Nebraska at Omaha students who had planned to play football at the school in 2011 have filed a lawsuit to obtain university records regarding the decision to drop the program.

Attorney Mike Degan said the university has set unreasonable conditions for the release of public records. Degan said the university asked for an exorbitant fee of $9,000 to compile the records and set limits on the amount of material for release.

"We have questions as to when the decision was made because we question why these recruits were not told in February (2011) before they signed letters of intent that the university was about ready to pull the plug on the program which they did a mere three weeks later."

Degan said the records might show UNO officials knew the football program would be dropped before the school signed its 2011 recruiting class. If so, Degan said he would consider legal action against the university for deceiving the signees.