Mountain Lion Dies

The body of a mountain lion was found lying along Interstate 80 near exit 432 Sunday morning, giving a little bit of truth to numerous sightings recorded in recent months.

It's the second big cat discovered in the metro in just more than two years.

"Look at the size of those paws and these teeth," said Jeff Davis, Sarpy County Sheriff.

Davis showed the camera a mountain lion that was apparently killed after being struck by a vehicle.

Davis says the discovery follows at least four reported sightings over the last few months.

"I don't know if this is the same cat," he said. "I kind of hope so."

So does Tim Tegels.

"Holy cow," Tegels said after seeing video of the cat.

Tegels lives about a quarter of a mile from where the mountain lion was reported Saturday evening near Gretna -- at Highway 370 and 192nd Street.

"That's amazing," he said. "That's a big cat."

The spot where the cat was found is just a few miles away from Saturday evening's sighting.

"All those people who've been reporting sightings are a little justified, I suppose," Tegels said.

It's making Tegels' neighbor Delores Snodgrass hesitant to ride her bike around her farm.

"I definitely don't want to be around in a field by myself with a mountain lion," Snodgrass said.

"Usually, they're a secretive animal," said Russell Mort of Nebraska Game and Parks. "They don't like being around people and they stay away from everybody. But, obviously, if he was cornered, just like any wild animal, he could definitely do some damage."

Game and parks officials will be looking at what's in its stomach, which may help them learn where the cat was living.

There have been several recent reports of mountain lions, including two in late September just a few blocks apart at 162nd and Pinkney and 160th and Spencer.

There was also a report on October 7 at 65th and State.