Killer Sentenced

A heartland man has been sentenced to 65 to 100 years in prison for the 2003 murder of a woman and her unborn child.

Bobby Joe Moss was sentenced on Wednesday.

He waived his right to a trial by jury and a judge found him guilty of killing Michelle Harlan, who was eight months pregnant at the time.

Moss will be eligible for parole in 32&1/2 years.

Michelle Harlan's family does not believe justice was done in court. They don't believe the sentence was harsh enough.

Ever since Michelle's body was found floating in Carter Lake her family has wanted to know what happened to her and her unborn baby.

Despite the arrest, conviction and sentencing of Bobby Moss, they still aren't sure what happened during Michelle's last hours on earth.

Michelle had been shot three times in the back, placed in the trunk of a car and her body was then dumped in the lake.

Her grandmother, Barbara Green says, "It hurts and makes me mad. I feel like tearing him limb from limb. I want death for him. Some way, somehow, I hope and pray that somebody gets him."

During sentencing Judge J. Patrick Mullen called Bobby Moss' actions calloused and cold, telling Moss, "Shooting Michelle Harlan three times in the back is cold enough. To throw her in the back of the car while she's asking for help shows you were only thinking of yourself."

Moss claims that Michelle Harlan was helping him find drugs. He says he was robbed and threatened with death at the apartment of a drug dealer and he says in an attempt to escape he pulled his gun, started firing and Michelle Harlan was accidentally shot in the process.

Moss' attorney, Christopher Lathrop says, "We're planning on filing a motion for a new trial which has to be done 10 days after sentencing. The judge will then have an opportunity to look at evidence that we've presented at that hearing."

Michelle Harlan had a daughter named Sequoia who is now three-years-old. Sequoia's grandmother and great-grandmother are taking care of her. They say they will tell her about Michelle's death when they feel the child is old enough.