Cows Wander Into Traffic

Two cows that got loose created a traffic safety problem in west Omaha Sunday morning.

The cows were spotted at 180th and Maple around 10:30 a.m. At one point they even wandered into the Super Target parking lot at 129th and Maple. They made it to 124th and Maple before officers from the Omaha Police Department, the Douglas County Sheriff's Department, and the Nebraska Humane Society were able to corner them.

The officers determined the cows were a safety risk because they tried to charge the officers and frequently wandered into traffic. The cows were put down, one at 124th and Maple, the other after it went back west to 168th and Decatur. It was estimated the cow traveled a total of eight miles.

It's not known who owned the cows or from where they escaped. The humane society is investigating.