Locals Chat With President

President Bush relied on five Omahans to help illustrate his thoughts on Social Security. They all had different perspectives but they all supported the president's plans.

Mary Mornin was among those sharing the stage with the president but she says that she barely took the White House seriously when they called her on Wednesday.

"I said, Oh, I can't do Friday. We have a retreat on Friday."

Her boss told her not to worry about the retreat so on Friday morning Mary was telling the President of the United States that three children should be able to benefit from her Social Security.

"I work three jobs," she told the president. "I feel I contribute."

"You work three jobs? That's uniquely American," President Bush told her. "That's fantastic."

Ms. Mornin told us later that, "He knew I was nervous… Twice on the stage, he turned and said, 'are you OK?'"

Metropolitan Community College Professor Rose Davis says, "We were all very, very nervous. And when he came into the room, he came in with this big smile."

Ms. Davis told the president, "My mother and I came to America in 1971. We are naturalized citizens."

She said that her mother's passing drained her family's savings and said the money could have been replenished if her mother's Social Security benefits could have been passed on.

The local panelists also had a chance to meet with the president after the address. They brought along their families and had time to take pictures and chat.