Cocaine Look-Alike Clash

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It looks like cocaine and is even called Blow, the street name for the drug. Now, this powdered energy drink is causing enough concern for some metro area schools that a warning is up on Kiewit Middle School's website.

Blow Energy Drink is marketed with catchy music and an eye catching Web site, all focused on the powdered mix.

The drink is even packaged to look like kilos of cocaine. It's the product's look and the fact that it's marketed on that's causing concern and disbelief for parents.

Parent Greg Wiemers says, "I can't believe they would try to market something like that, marketing it like cocaine."

Parent Allison Tiller adds, "I think that's ridiculous. With everything going on in society today, all the problems we're having with drugs, to actually market something like that is actually ridiculous."

It's alarming enough to Kiewit Middle School Assistant Principal David Hemphill that he posted a letter to parents on the school's website.

He says, "The big concern with this particular product, one it's marketed as a drug look-alike. It comes in a vial, mimics cocaine, it comes in a package that has a fake mirror, a little fake credit card."

In fact, Hemphill tells us his own daughter, a high school freshman, was a target of the company's marketing on

"My daughter told me the other night, 'dad, you know that stuff you talked to me about? I got a request from that company to join my friend group.'"

The product's possibility of catching the attention of young children brings up another possible concern. Blow has 240 milligrams of caffeine per serving. That's equal to almost three cups of coffee.

Dr. Raymond Heller, with Creighton Family Healthcare, explains the possible effects of drinking a lot of caffeine.

"It can really increase the blood pressure, can really increase the heart rate, maybe even cause palpitations, dizziness, difficulty concentrating."

The letter from Kiewit Middle School also warns that students could face suspension if they were to bring the powered drink to school under a policy that prohibits possessing a look-alike substance.

Blow is not currently sold in stores and is only available online. The company that makes Blow says it only targets people 18 and older.