Lincoln Man Held In Idaho Death

A North Idaho College student from Lincoln faces possible manslaughter charges in the death of a friend from an apparent LSD overdose.

Coeur D'Alene police spokeswoman Christie Wood said prosecutors likely would file manslaughter charges Monday against 18-year-old Cameron Jesters of Lincoln. Eighteen-year-old Gloria Discerni of Cottage Grove, Oregon, who died Friday, had been in a coma since Tuesday night after willingly drinking orange juice spiked with the hallucinogenic drug. "It's up to the prosecutors what level of manslaughter, voluntary or involuntary," said police Lt. Don Jiran.

Jesters, who was arrested Wednesday when he tried to visit Discerni in the hospital, is being held under suicide watch at the Kootenai County jail on $100,000 bail. He was originally charged with felony distribution of LSD and misdemeanor possession of psilocybin mushrooms. Records show Jesters told investigators he gave the woman a dozen doses of the hallucinogen in a drink and then let her have some of his drink, which also had a dozen doses. She quickly became ill and friends took her to the hospital.

Police are awaiting toxicology results to determine if the drug was actually LSD or if Discerni had taken any medications or had any other medical conditions which might have contributed to her death.