CVS Site Development On Hold

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A development in a busy Central Omaha neighborhood might provide a boost to the area. That is, if it goes in.

CVS Pharmacy bought a square block on the corner of 72nd and Maple Street.

But we found out that the addition of a pharmacy there may hinge on how development at another location is resolved.

The intersection of 72nd and Maple is one of the city's busiest and there's some long time businesses there that have flourished.

But on one corner, it's a different story.

An abandoned gas station has provided an eye sore for the area for nearly 15 years.

Rick Delapoer of Davie Hilltop Auto Repair looks at it every day.

"Ever since the gas station quit, it's just been sitting there idle, kind of nasty and the old car lot was getting kind of old," he said.

He liked what he was hearing when told CVS was planning to build a store on the corner.

"I can't see it do anything but helping i can't see it would hurt anything," he said.

Barb Ferguson lives behind the site and she agrees.

"I think it'd probably be good," she said. "I'm a little concerned for like robberies and traffic but i think it'll be better than it was."

CVS has already bought the land, gained approval from the Planning Board and started demolition at 72nd and Maple.

But Channel 6 News has learned that this site and future development in the Omaha area may not happen unless CVS is given the go ahead to put up a store at 49th and Dodge. We're told it's the primary location for the company's plans in Omaha.

We contacted Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray and asked if this had anything to do with his decision to change his vote for the CVS at 49th and Dodge.

Gray said he heard rumors but said he changed his vote because he felt turning down CVS in Dundee would send the wrong message about economic development in Omaha.

We also received an email from CVS Director of Public Relations Mike DeAngelis concerning the site at 72nd and Maple. He had no comment other than to confirm the purchase of the land.