$3 Million Dollars In Art And Controversy In Council Bluffs

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Along I-80 near the South 24th Street Bridge in Council Bluffs, you’ll find seventy thousand pounds of metal shooting sixty feet in to the sky. It’s $3 million dollars worth of new art and controversy.

The reviews are coming in and they aren’t all positive.

“I think it kind of looks junky. I don't' really like the metals in it. It just looks junky to me. Not for the three million dollars we spent on it,” said Emma Marshall of Council Bluffs.

One driver told Channel Six News he liked the artwork mostly because it reminded him to stop and get gas.

“When I was about to cross the bridge I used to think of the casinos. Now I think of this and I can stop for fuel," said Todd McMahon.

That’s the thing about the artwork. Love it or hate it, it’s memorable.

“Public art generates dialog and discussion,” said Todd Graham is CEO and President of Iowa West Foundation which paid for the artwork.

The artist is Albert Paley who also has works hanging in the Smithsonian Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“If it weren’t for the Statute of Liberty,” said Paley, “I’m not sure many people would remember that island.”

The art is now unforgettable for a driver who had an accident along the bridge after he was distracted by the art. The 54-year-old man slammed his car in to the back of another car Monday night.

The name of the art is “Odyssey”.