Hog Truck Overturns In Omaha

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At 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon, Omaha police tell us the entrance ramp to northbound I-680 from eastbound West Dodge Rd., was still closed. A truck hauling pigs earlier in the day tipped over on the curve, spilling some of its load.

Police say at least 20 of the 176 pigs were loose for a short time but never presented much of a traffic problem because of the spot where the crash happened. It happened on a curve where traffic has to slow dramatically anyway.

The Nebraska Humane Society moved the animals into a livestock trailer so they could be transported from the scene.

Later, they confirmed 20 pigs died in the crash. NHS had to euthanize two more. The rest were taken to a vetrinarian for closer examination.

The driver of the truck, Clinton Sauser, was shaken but otherwise uninjured. He has been cited for careless driving and several inspection violations.

**Note: The raw video originally attached to this story has been removed. The Nebraska Humane Society says it showed the driver of the semi, Clinton Sauser, corralling pigs. The technique he used was not approved by, nor endorsed by animal rescuers.

Pigs Loose on Interstate