100 Pounds! Omaha Man Wins National Weight Loss Challenge

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Eric Scott has lost 100 pounds since May. He beat out more than 31-thousand people in Life Time Fitness's 90-Day Challenge. Our cameras were there for the big moment.

Utter shock.

It's not often you hear a round of applause break out at the gym.

"Today I won the 90-Day Challenge at Life Time Fitness." said Eric Scott.

His prize-a $10,000 check. Life Time Training Manager, Ryan Scribner, presented Scott with the award.

"Tremendous. You made us proud!" said Scribner.

Scott was shocked when his trainer, Mitch Brown, told him all of his hard work had paid off. There were 31,937 participants in the Life Time Fitness Fall 90 Day Challenge nationwide.

Scott lost 100 pounds since May. Trainers and Management at Life Time Fitness in Omaha gathered to surprise Scott with balloons and the check.

After learning he won, Scott first picked up his trainer to celebrate. Then he called his wife. This moment for the couple brought him to tears.

"Just hearing her tell me she's proud of me and knowing how much it's going to help my family. I couldn't fight them back." said Scott.

The tears come because it has been a difficult journey. In the middle of his health transformation, his wife Cait was diagnosed with cancer. Scott kept pushing--his goal was to stay healthy for his wife and daughter, Devany.

He worked hard every single day., some days doing more than two hours of workouts.

"I have a wide open basement. I would do 300 wall touches. According to my fit bit it was about 3 miles every night." said Scott.

His training, hard work, and devotion paid off. He has no plans to stop.

"Mitch says he's going to run a 1/2 marathon with me...and maybe Malorie if we can talk her into it!" joked Scott.

Scott will use the money to pay off medical bills, but he also plans to take his wife to dinner and buy his daughter Minnie Mouse presents.

He is the first winner from Omaha in Life Time's 90-day Fitness Challenge.