Financial Minute

Creating a savings plan

Beginner steps to start a savings plan

Donation Tax Tips from Centris Federal Credit Union

Donation Tax Tips

Saving for an Emergency Fund

Realize your dreams of becoming a business owner

Starting a business

Protect your accounts from scammers

It is possible to become debt-free?

How to Build Good Credit

Buying a Car: Tricks to Getting a Good Deal

Saving for Retirement

FTC: Millions of older Americans are financially abused

Preventing elder financial abuse

Saving for retirement now

The best time to buy a new car

Steps to Build Good Credit

Giving your financial security a checkup

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At Centris Federal Credit Union, it’s our mission to be your trusted lifelong financial partner. To do that, we believe in working hard to find the best products and services for our members. As a full-service financial institution, we won’t sell you something you don’t need; we’ll take the time to learn about you and your financial background so you can make the best decision about your money. We believe that when our members are financially sound, their lives are improved; there is less stress and more flexibility to manage both expected and unexpected expenses. Visit our website at to learn more about what makes Centris different.

Products and Services we offer:
  • Checking and Savings accounts
  • Auto loans
  • Mortgages
  • Commercial lending and banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Certificates
  • Home Equity loans and lines of credit
  • Personal loans
  • Merchant Lending
  • Mobile banking
  • Online banking

Required disclosures:
Federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. All loans subject to approval. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change. For more information, contact Centris Federal Credit Union at 1-800-334-2328.