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About Us

Owner, George Langabeer, comes from a 15 year career in the Loss Prevention field.  In his 15 year career he used surveillance equipment to capture and prosecute over 1000 criminals.  In 2008, he decided to go out on his own and use his experience to benefit home owners and business owners by opening SilverHammer Surveillance.  At SilverHammer Surveillance we sell and install various type of surveillance equipment.  We do full security camera systems for residential and business customers.  We also offer covert surveillance equipment:  nanny cams, hidden cameras, and spy surveillance equipment.  Our covert items can be used by home owners to protect their families, business owners to protect their profits, and law enforcement agencies that need covert surveillance in the field.  We also offer GPS Trackers that can be used to track vehicles, luggage, children/teenagers, or anything else you want to keep track of.

SilverHammer Surveillance Inc FAQ

Is there a monthly fee to have home surveillance?
No. You pay for the equipment and the installation (or they can choose to install it themselves) and then that's it. There are no monthly fees or service contracts.

What types of homes surveillance equipment do you offer?
We offer analog, HD, and IP full surveillance systems. We also offer a wide variety of nanny cams and hidden cameras.

How much does the average home surveillance system cost?
Home surveillance systems start at $350. They range in price depending on how many cameras are purchased with the system and the quality of the camera resolution. Most houses require 4-6 cameras.

How much does it cost to have the system professionally installed?
Our systems do come in packages that allow the home owner to DIY. Or the average installation cost to have us install the system is $150 per camera installed.

Can I see my cameras on a Smart Phone or Computer?
Yes. All of our systems are remote view capable. You just need an internet connection in the home. Once our system is connected to the internet, you can then securely view it from anywhere in the World. This can be done on our free smart phone/tablet app or on a web interface using a laptop, PC, or Mac.

CCTV security camera & surveillance specialists: We Can Hide A Camera Anywhere!

-Variety of cameras & equipment (brands : Alibi, Sony, 3S, & many more!)
-Complete surveillance systems
-Covert, Spy, & Nanny cameras
-GPS Trackers
-Law Enforcement surveillance experts
-We offer complete installation & set-up
-Most equipment comes with a 3 or 5 year warranty!